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About the blog :

This blog Mythology Hindi is a medium of express my thoughts and knowledge to World. In this blog I write about hindu mythology, website review, Movie review, my thoughts over trending topics, education content, dharm, entertainment news and social thoughts.
I will try to write every article with 100% accuracy. I promise you, without research I will never write any article on any topic. 
Mythology Hindi is Hindi Blog.
My vision is provide better content to my viewers and helping them.

About me :

Hello guys I am Aditya Keshari an electrical engineering student. I'm in second year. basically I'm from a village of Allahabad( prayagraj). My mother tongue is Hindi so I feel more comfortable to conversation in Hindi, writing contents too. 
Blogging and content writing is my hobby. I like watching movies and webseries.
I feel like i am curious by Nature so Along with writing, I also like to read, often I read books in my free time, till now I have read about some biographies, hindu mythology and ancient history.

I honestly believe that helping others is one of the way to live my life meaningfully. I will always try to reply of every comment. 
You feel free to contact me on social media. Every queries and suggestions are allowed. 

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Thanks : )

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